Referring Doctors

Our practice welcomes referrals from colleagues and patients.  We strive to provide an exceptional and unique periodontal/implant experience by supporting our patients and their referring doctors in everyway possible. At the appropriate stage of treatment, patients will be returned to their referring dentist.

We are available for consultation or treatment for any of the following:

  • Planning & Assessment (Diagnosis, Prognosis, Restorative recommendations)
  • Non-Surgical therapy (Scaling and Root Planing, Antimicrobial evaluation and treatment, Complete Oral Hygiene instruction)
  • Occlusal pattern evaluation / Occlusal Adjustment
  • Functional Crown Legthening to provide adequate tooth structure for the restorative work and provide optimum (“Biological Space”)
  • Esthetic Crown Legthening to expose short crowns in the smile zone for veneers and or full or partial mouth reconstruction
  • Pocket Reduction (Osseous Surgery)
  • Distal and retromolar wedge
  • Root Amputation / Hemisection
  • Gingivectomy / Gingivoplasty
  • Soft Tissue Grafts (Free Gingival Graft to augment Keratinized and attached gingiva, Connective tissue grafts to cover recession)
  • Impacted Tooth Exposure for Orthodontic appliance attachment
  • Frenectomy
  • Ridge Preservation (socket preservation to avoid ridge collapse)
  • Ridge Augmentation (Soft tissue augmentation for Fixed appliances , Hard tissue Augmentation by means of Guided Bone regeneration)
  • Dental Implants (we currently place Noblebiocare and Biomet 3I systems)
  • Bone grafting procedures (Socket preservation, Guided Tissue Regeneration)
  • Sinus lift procedures
  • Bone expansion procedures
  • Single tooth spaces potentially requiring implants
  • Multiple toothless spaces / complex restorative needs
  • Where one or both arches are edentulous or near edentulous
  • Severe/advanced periodontal disease requiring implant assessment
  • Full or partial dentures requiring implant stabilization
  • Difficult Implant cases: for example, due to anatomical structures or insufficient bony volume
  • Aesthetic Rehabilitation & Complex Aesthetic cases
  • We invite you to speak to Dr. Bashiri to discuss the needs of your patient. Informal inquiries are welcome.

You can refer a patient to us by downloading our referral form. ConcordReferral.pdf or ElCerritoRefferal.pdf

You can email any necessary patient xrays as an attachment to for the Albany office and for the Concord office.

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