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Gingivitis is the most prevalent type of gum disease, as a majority of adults and children experience it at least once in their lives. Farrokh Bashiri, DDS, specializes in assisting men, women, and families living in Concord and Albany, California, to develop proper oral hygiene habits to both reduce their chances of developing gingivitis and eliminate their existing symptoms. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Bashiri, call his office or use the online booking feature.

Gingivitis Q & A

What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis refers to a mild form of gum disease that leads to redness, swelling, and irritation of your gingiva. The gingiva is the part of your gum that surrounds the base of each tooth.

There are two main types of gingivitis:

  • Dental plaque-induced gingival disease: caused by plaque, malnutrition or medication
  • Non-plaque-induced gingival disease: caused by a reaction to specific bacteria or virus, genetics, wounds, or foreign bodies

Gingivitis is not to be ignored and must be treated expediently to avoid severe complications down the line.

What are the causes of gingivitis?

The most common cause of gingivitis is a lack of proper oral hygiene habits. The less you brush your teeth properly, the more plaque develops on your teeth. This can lead to severe inflammation in the surrounding gum tissue.

Other complications that can develop from gingivitis include:

  • Periodontitis: when gum disease spreads to your underlying tissue and bone
  • Chronic gingival inflammation: caused by various systemic diseases
  • Trench mouth: rare, but causes ulcerations, bleeding, infections, and severe pain

Plaque refers to the invisible bacteria-filled film that forms as a result of bacteria in your mouth reacting to starches and sugars in your food. With proper oral hygiene, you should be able to eliminate plaque build-ups on a daily basis.

If left unaddressed, plaque turns into tartar, which makes it even more challenging to extract. Untreated tartar and plaque leads to severe inflammation of the gingiva and can cause your gums to swell and bleed when you brush your teeth.

What are the symptoms of gingivitis?

The most common symptoms of gingivitis include:

  • Tender gums
  • Receding gums
  • Continuous bad breath (halitosis)
  • Bleeding gums
  • Dark red-colored gums
  • Gum swelling

Each of these symptoms is a sign that something is wrong, be it gingivitis or something else.

How is gingivitis treated?

Dr. Bashiri can recommend a series of treatments for gingivitis. The best way to eliminate plaque and tartar is with a professional dental cleaning. Dr. Bashiri spends the necessary time to make sure your teeth are free of plaque and tartar.

He might also recommend dental restoration if there are misalignments that contribute to your gum irritation. However, gingivitis is a condition best prevented at home. Brush and floss regularly and don’t forget to schedule regular checkups and cleanings with Dr. Bashiri.

To learn more about treatment options for gingivitis, schedule an appointment online or by phone today.