Patient Reviews

Sandra Walker Avatar
Dr Bashiri is a wonderful Peridontist. He made what I thought was going to be a painful ordeal very easy and painless. His explanations were thorough and easy to understand. So happy that my dentist recommended him. His receptionist, nancy, and his dental assistant, Serina, we’re very helpful and kind.
Sandra W. 3/23/2023
Stephen Mohammed Sr Avatar
I was very impressed with my whole experience. Dr. Bashiri and his staff took very good care of my needs. Dr. Bashiri explained everything I’m going to need going forward. Thank you so much.
Stephen M. 3/11/2023
Nancy Cherry Avatar
I’m finally feeling hopeful. Broke but very hopeful. A wonderful staff as well.
Nancy C. 3/09/2023
Fatemeh Sadr-Momtaz Avatar
Professional and kind Dr. The entire experience was painless to my big surprise! Dr. Bashiri and Nancy are wonderful to work with. I highly recommend this office for any kind of dental work.
Fatemeh S. 2/15/2023
Izaak Hecht Avatar
Went in for gum graft surgery yesterday. The surgery itself was very easy, even the needles going in were hardly painful, and the rest wasn’t a problem at all. Dr. Bashiri is very warm and friendly, making me feel comfortable and he even called me later that night to check in on how I was doing.
Izaak H. 2/15/2023
Zera Powell Avatar
Dr. Bashiri was most kind and gracious to me after I experienced a meltdown, prior to my procedure. His staff were also supportive and understanding to me. I am very grateful for this and will return for the procedure at a later date.
Zera P. 12/27/2022
Connie Holt Avatar
Everyone in this office is so kind and caring. Dr Bashiri was very gentle. He was quick and took care of the problem. Thank you.
Connie H. 12/01/2022
Maryanne Lynn Avatar
Love Dr.Bashiri & staff, Nancy always gives a greeting w/a smile, hygenist jackie who’s become a friend & Dr. Bashiri who always listens to my ? ‘s so I feel at ease
Maryanne L. 11/17/2022
Sharan Kaur Avatar
Great periodontist who has great work ethics and his work is excellent. Will definitely recommend to family and friends .
Sharan K. 10/29/2022
Bob DiCicco Avatar
This is my first visit with Dr. Bashiri the office staff was very helpful, facility was clean and procedure went very well very little pain and I would recommend Dr. Bashiri to others.
Bob D. 10/16/2022
Alex Gil Avatar
Super friendly and friendly staff A++++
Alex G. 10/14/2022
Kristine Blanco Avatar
I’m a new patient. Dr Bashiri was great in my gum grafting experience today, and made feel comfortable. It was painless, and he was really good in letting me know what he’s doing, and made sure I was numb enough. I am looking forward to my second gum grafting session with him. Now I am recovering and dealing with pain management. Staff is nice and professional too. Thank you! 👍😀
Kristine B. 10/06/2022
Karin Bentley Avatar
Very professional, with a friendly demeanor you will enjoy. Quite knowledgeable, he explains the details in easily understood terms. Staff is equally professional and friendly.
Karin B. 9/30/2022
Vicki Stipovich Avatar
All the staff were gracious, easy to talk to, answered questions, and were extremely polite. Even asking me to move my head a little was always proceeded by Please…! I felt like I was in safe hands.
Vicki S. 9/18/2022
Michelle Rod Avatar
Love Dr.Bashiri he is the best! I know I’m in good hands with him I’m looking forward to my treatment. He is very understanding especially struggling with anxiety he is super nice and sweet so is the staff! Thank you so much for taking care of me!
Michelle R. 9/15/2022
michael richardson Avatar
Great experience. Dr Bashiri is an excellent dentist and has a very professional staff.
michael r. 9/08/2022
Busayo Alabi Avatar
I had a good experience
Busayo A. 9/08/2022
George Q Avatar
He has been taking care of me for the past 5 years. Dr Bashiri is honest and thorough. I’ve had periodontal work done twice. He’s great.
George Q. 9/02/2022
Steven Pinto Avatar
So far, so good. Having Osseous Surgery is not exactly as fun as a day at the beach but it wasn’t as traumatic as I imagined it could be. My goal is for my teeth to outlive me and if this helps, it will be worth it. Staff was nice and Dr. Bashiri is professional and efficient. I’ll know more in a month or so if my pockets were reduced but as of now I’d recommend this place.
Steven P. 9/02/2022
Ava Rasouli Avatar
I read so many good reviews that even tho I haven’t been to his office I feel like thanking Dr. Bashiri for being such an amazing dentist to all his patients. Keep up the good work doc!
Ava R. 9/02/2022
John Maynard Avatar
It’s never fun being referred to a periodontist, since this likely means you have gum disease, bone loss, or other serious dental issues to consider. Dr. Bashiri does an excellent job in evaluating and explaining your treatment options. He is personable, articulate, and reassuring.
John M. 8/26/2022
Ida Ibrahimi Avatar
The staff is very friendly, thorough, and professional. I’m very happy to have found Dr. Bashiri. I would not go to any other place after my experience here.
Ida I. 8/19/2022
Scott Bergerhouse Avatar
Very friendly and helpful
Scott B. 8/19/2022
T Avatar
The staff explained my situation in detail. They answered all of my concerns and questions. The staff seemed professionally concerned and was empathetic to how I felt.
T 8/19/2022
Dean Henderson Avatar
Really positive experience with Dr. Bashiri’s practice. Well run office. Knowledgeable doctor with good communication. Thorough periodontal maintenance treatments with good attention to patient comfort. I travel from SF to the east bay to come here and it’s worth it for the high quality care.
Dean H. 6/21/2022
Kenneth Jackson Avatar
I have received very professional service explaining in detail the procedure that was to be done. Dr. Bashir was very courteous and carrying. The staff also were very great and informative.
Kenneth J. 6/21/2022
Alberto Silva Avatar
They go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and procedures and recommendations are explained in great detail and patience. Highly recommended!!
Alberto S. 6/13/2022
Glenda Jennings Avatar
Doctor Bashiri is the best. If you have any type of periodontal issues, you need to see this doctor. I love his staff in both the Albany and Concord offices. Dr. Bashiri is so cool his first priority is your comfort. He’s an excellent listener and, he gives advice with tons of experience to support his information. 😎 he is so cool
Glenda J. 5/27/2022
Lilly Rodriguez Avatar
Extremely clean & efficient. Love Dr.Bashiri & Nancy !! Wonderful overall experience
Lilly R. 5/22/2022
Renee Wilson Avatar
Dr. Bashini and his staff are very friendly. It was my first visit and they made me feel very at ease.My experience was very good
Renee W. 4/26/2022
Michael Burns Avatar
He took his time to do the job right. I was very satisfied.
Michael B. 3/26/2022
ellie kouvonen Avatar
Experience was good, planning to have follow up.
ellie k. 3/11/2022
Suzi Collaco Avatar
I am a new patient with Dr Bashiri and I had to have gum surgery. He was very kind and explained everything very thoroughly to me.I would highly recommend him .
Suzi C. 2/25/2022
Pamela Collinshill Avatar
This office demonstrates timeliness, professionalism, and careful service. I appreciated this having had tender areas during cleaning.
Pamela C. 1/19/2022
Mark Barrett Avatar
I came to Dr Bashiri for dental implants and have really appreciated the service that he and his staff provide. I loved the follow up after my initial procedure and all along the way. I recommend Dr Bashiri to anyone looking for a friendly professional periodontist. Thanks to the team!
Mark B. 1/12/2022
James Richards Avatar
Dr. Bashiri was great at finding and explaining my dental problem. The whole dental office was very professional.
James R. 1/12/2022
Shari Kimball-May Avatar
I was referred to Dr. Bashiri by my dentist for a crown lengthening procedure. I was very anxious and Dr. Bashiri listened to all my concerns and was very patient in explaining the procedure to be done in detail, and assured me it would be painless, which it was. The staff is very friendly and kind. Nancie, the receptionist, clearly explained the cost of the treatment and what my portion would be with insurance. I also received an unexpected followup call from Dr. Bashiri that evening to see how I was doing. Thank you Dr. Bashiri and staff!
Shari K. 1/02/2022
Teymour Javaherchi Avatar
Did two graftings procedures here. Experienced minimum pain and got best results. My gums are brand new. Highly recommended!Very humble and down to earth office staff and doc. know how to give you best treatment.
Teymour J. 12/02/2021
Jack Bannon Avatar
Dr Bashiri was professional, patient and responsive to all my questions and concerns.His staff works efficiently with kindness and a sense of humor. If I need to return, I know that I will be in good hands.
Jack B. 11/02/2021
Paul Parker Avatar
Great! I didn’t expect the procedure to be as was experienced. Dr Bashiri explained each step of the procedure. Any apprehension I had was gone, I will be coming back in the near future.Thank you Dr Bashiri.Maria Parker.
Paul P. 10/02/2021
Rich Jewell Avatar
Rich J. 10/02/2021
Waynette Duty Avatar
My procedure was uneventful. Like others, I am not a fan of the shot. ButDr. Bashir was gentle, which made the process less painful than I anticipated. He was also very thorough and fast. I have great confidence in his practice and plan to recommend him to my regular dentist as a periodontist to refer patients to.
Waynette D. 9/02/2021
Jan Sanders Avatar
First appt for 2nd opinion. Had a very good experience w/Dr Bashiri and his staff today. Very personable and easy to talk to. His approach to determining the root cause of the problem before recommending treatment set well with me. So far, so good.
Jan S. 9/02/2021
Trishyy Avatar
From the moment I entered Dr. Bashiri’s office, I was very impressed !!! I was greeted by Nancy who is such a kind, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable front desk person. Before my appointment, she reviewed my dental insurance with me so I knew exactly what fees I would be/would not be charged for – this is the first time I’ve ever had a dental office do this for me. Upon meeting Dr. Bashiri, I was still impressed !!! Dr. Bashiri listened to my concerns and discussed my options with me. He was clear and knowledgeable and gave great advice while not being pushy at all. I felt very comfortable speaking with Dr. Bashiri, and he was very gentle when working on my teeth. A dental hygienist is also available at this office – she did a great job deep cleaning my teeth !!! My gums greatly improved after her treatment !! I will be returning to Dr. Bashiri’s office and now consider him to be my Periodontist. Highly recommended.
Trishyy 7/02/2021
Alan Liu Avatar
The doctor is knowledgeable and easy going.
Alan L. 6/02/2021
Mauryne Moraa Avatar
Amazing team. I love Katrina. She is welcoming, always happy. I’m 8 1/2 months pregnant and her and my hygienist both took care of me and made it very comfortable for me.I appreciate you guys ❤️💚💕Maureen
Mauryne M. 6/02/2021
Yolanda Webster Avatar
I had a great experience at Dr Basshiri office.The Front desk person named Katrina was super nice and friendly. Dr Bashiri was very nice, informative and funny. He made me feel very comfortable.
Yolanda W. 6/02/2021
Marianne Hutalla Avatar
Highly recommended.
Marianne H. 6/02/2021
Scott K. Leathers Avatar
Informative, friendly, all around awesome
Scott K. 5/02/2021
Jay Mumford Avatar
Got in early, got out early. Great chair-side manner
Jay M. 5/02/2021